Why Trek In Nepal During The Monsoon Season?

There is nothing more charming than trekking in Nepal during the fall season. Fall is no doubt the most popular trekking season in Nepal and gets a lot of visitors during this particular phase of the year, but there’re also several treks that best trekked especially during the monsoon season. As a leading trekking agency in Nepal, we have explained why trek in Nepal during the monsoon season:

More & more people are pursuing the concept of trekking Nepal during the monsoon season. The advantages of hiking in monsoons are unsung & the absence of heavy crowd denotes that you get the best out of your visit. So, let’s check out why your Nepal trekking trip to Nepal should be during the monsoons:

Magnificent Sunrises: It generally rains throughout the night and by the daybreak the sky start clearing up. The view of the sun’s beam breaking through rain-bearing clouds, immersing the rain soaked hills with their shimmering shadows, is probably one of the most exceptional sights you ever see in your life.

The mountains are all yours: The routes are generally isolated throughout the monsoon. If you are after some privacy and want to enjoy the best of nature without any sorts of noise and crowd disturbance, a monsoon hike in Nepal is possibly the finest experience for you. It will be you and the lovely mountains, nothing else.

Lush Green Splendor: The Nepalese Himalayas are especially gorgeous throughout the monsoon season. Many routes are blossoming with flowers and lush vegetations everywhere you look at. The farming terraces look stupendous all through the monsoon as well.

There’re several treks in Nepal that are especially incredible during the monsoon. Some of the best trek to try in Nepal during the monsoon are the Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpa Circuit, Everest Base Camp Trek Humla’s Limi Valley Trek and a lot of others.

The monsoon season lies between mid-June and early September in Nepal! So, plan your Nepal hiking tour accordingly.