Trek to Nepal Lets Travelers to Get Lots of Fun

If you want to trek to Nepal, may it be by yourself or with the help of guide tours you have to consider some of the things enlisted below:

Do contingency planning:

Trekking in Nepal can be difficult sometimes and you may have to face some problems as the weather doesn’t remain same throughout the day and the chances of cancellation of flights are also very high and one cannot afford to miss their international flights at any cost so for that purpose take 2 or 3 days gap between everything and leave some space for any unwanted thing to occur.

Local guides:

As trekking in Nepal is famous so the government of Nepal has already taken measures for safe trekking and the routes are mostly marked and there are other trekkers on the trail as well so there is no need to hire any porter for yourself which will cost you extra. Local guides are only needed when you are traveling totally on a different trail otherwise, even Everest trekking is also marked.

Trekking in nepal


If you are trekking with your friends or in a large group and planning to camp above 10000 feet and you have a lot of stuff to carry with you then you can always take help of these animals. On one side these animals can help you but on the other hand, they may harm you as they have huge horns so whenever you see them coming your way just give them their way and let them pass by.

Drinking water:

Most of the villages in Nepal have clean water stations where you can buy water for $0.50. It is a blessing that you can find water over there otherwise without enough water one can’t trek those huge steep mountains.

Acute Mountain sickness:

It is a sickness which occurs when a person reaches a very high altitude and for this kind of sickness no one can train or prepare himself for that reason you need to take precautions like move fast, stay warm, eat a healthy diet and don’t eat too much before trekking.

Personal hygiene:

This is one of the most important things while trekking as even laundry service will be expensive and even the showers are unreliable. The best way to stay clean is by taking sponge baths in river and streams. These are some simple tips you need to follow to enjoy trekking.