Langtang trek is the ideal destination for the trekkers

Langtang is situated in the Himalayan region of Nepal to the North of Kathmandu Valley bordering Tibet with beautiful alpine region. Langtang Trek offers the greatest diversity with less effort as compared to any trek in Nepal. You can come across several trekking routes on the north south valleys. Langtang area was designated as Nepal’s first Himalayan National park in 1971. People living here are known as Tamang, whose living style, language and religious practice is more or less like that of the Tibetans. This trek is an ideal destination for the trekkers because of the high alpine scenery, with mountains visible from in habited nature of the country.

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The trekking starts with an overall journey to Dunche for the trek to Langtang. It requires almost 4 days from Dunche trekking through the beautiful alpine valley and after resting for one day, you can move further.

Langtang is a spectacularly beautiful region. As you rise higher, you will pass through the rich forest. Trekking over the spectacular Langtang valley is the nearest approach to see the snow capped mountains from Kathmandu. Langtang is 19 miles away from Kathmandu and is dominated by Langtang Liru, which is the highest peak in the area. You can get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Langtang trek is not considered to be strenuous, but still it is challenging which is at an altitude of 3800 m. Trekking here can be done at any time of the year except during July /August during monsoon. The journey starts from Kathmandu to Langtang trek and back to Kathmandu in 11 days. During the trek you can camp in tents which will be set up by them. Meals will be supplied and you can enjoy the candle lit dinners. There are commercial lodges available in Langtang village.

Langtang is a special part of the world. It would be wise to spend time with the people of Langtang where you will be in a position to gain richer insights and know what life really is here beneath the snow mountain of Nepal.

You can also stay in the hotel mountain, which is clean with the basics, the transport is good and the drivers are very sensible even in the heavy rains to take the trekkers safely towards the destination. Get set to see the magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise with magical changes of color produced in the mountains can be seen from the slopes, which will really be in your memories throughout.