Why Should You Plan A Cultural Tour To Bhutan?

It does not matter whether you are looking for mystical splendor, surrealistic ambience or simply serenity – Bhutan is the country that has got it all. Renowned as a stunning destination worldwide – Bhutan provides a blend of pastoral beauty & modern charm. Notably, this unique destination set itself as a sanctuary for globetrotters & fun-loving tourists. A cultural trip to Bhutan won’t just enthrall & stimulate art lovers but also fill the heart of typical travelers with sheer joy & exuberance.

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A Bhutan tour definitely deserves a mention if you’re planning a tour to one of the most fascinating destinations in the planet. The wonderful locals, natural splendor, and picture-perfect Bumthang gorge will assist you get into an enthralling world.

If you are after a cultural trip to Bhutan, please don’t miss out the below mentioned activities:

Savoring the amazing culture of Bhutan:

Your Bhutan trip will not be fulfilled, if you miss a trip to the picturesque Taktsang Monastery. As per the typical beliefs rampant in the region, the Taktsand or Tiger Monastery bears a wonderful similarity to Guru Rimpoche’s face. Located at an elevation of 2133m, the Tiger Monastery is a critical part if you want to experience the culture of Bhutan.

The Vibrant Dzongs:

Dzongs are of big significance in Bhutan as they include monasteries, fortresses and govt offices. The interior of these Dzongs boast exquisite & complicated paint works that reflect the beliefs & teaching of Buddhism. These motivational portraits will certainly fill tourists’ heart with pure joy & contentment.

Explore the colorful festivals of Bhutan:

The festivals are among the major attraction during a cultural trip in Bhutan. While in Bhutan, you shouldn’t miss the colorful Tshechus festival. Festivities & celebrations are the most inspirational part of Bhutan cultural trip and you should tour to Thimpu & Paro for the most exhilarating experience.

Enjoy the rustic charm:

A considerable part of the Bhutanese population happens to be farmers. Plan your trip with reputed tour operators in Bhutan and they will offer you once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You can be a part of the rustic Bhutanese life, and spend a day or two with the Brokpas.

‘T’ for Trekking:

The spectacular landscape, charming destinations, and beautiful locations provide the best possibilities for hiking & trekking. An inspiring tour to Bhutan will be incomplete without a trekking tour.

Plan your next Bhutan tour with Environmental Treks & Expedition and stay assured that you will explore each and everything that Bhutan has to offer. For any further inquiry, call us at 9751031532.

Why Trek In Nepal During The Monsoon Season?

There is nothing more charming than trekking in Nepal during the fall season. Fall is no doubt the most popular trekking season in Nepal and gets a lot of visitors during this particular phase of the year, but there’re also several treks that best trekked especially during the monsoon season. As a leading trekking agency in Nepal, we have explained why trek in Nepal during the monsoon season:

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More & more people are pursuing the concept of trekking Nepal during the monsoon season. The advantages of hiking in monsoons are unsung & the absence of heavy crowd denotes that you get the best out of your visit. So, let’s check out why your Nepal trekking trip to Nepal should be during the monsoons:

Magnificent Sunrises: It generally rains throughout the night and by the daybreak the sky start clearing up. The view of the sun’s beam breaking through rain-bearing clouds, immersing the rain soaked hills with their shimmering shadows, is probably one of the most exceptional sights you ever see in your life.

The mountains are all yours: The routes are generally isolated throughout the monsoon. If you are after some privacy and want to enjoy the best of nature without any sorts of noise and crowd disturbance, a monsoon hike in Nepal is possibly the finest experience for you. It will be you and the lovely mountains, nothing else.

Lush Green Splendor: The Nepalese Himalayas are especially gorgeous throughout the monsoon season. Many routes are blossoming with flowers and lush vegetations everywhere you look at. The farming terraces look stupendous all through the monsoon as well.

There’re several treks in Nepal that are especially incredible during the monsoon. Some of the best trek to try in Nepal during the monsoon are the Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpa Circuit, Everest Base Camp Trek Humla’s Limi Valley Trek and a lot of others.

The monsoon season lies between mid-June and early September in Nepal! So, plan your Nepal hiking tour accordingly.

Looking For A Vacation In Bhutan? Know How to Choose Your Next Bhutan Tour Operator

Now that’s a bit pretentious I understand. I’m assuming that you’re touring Bhutan to explore everything this lovely destination has to offer. As the most reputed Bhutan tour operator, we’d wish you to come and explore what I assume will be your best vacation till date. Having said that, we’re pretty much conscious that any international tour will certainly rattle your wallet a little bit. Thus, let us assist you plan your future Bhutan holiday sensibly so that it appears as the ultimate experience we’d like it to be.

Picking the appropriate tour operator in Bhutan:

In an ideal spirit of confession, I’ve to inform you that we’re a principal tour operator in Bhutan with several years of opulent experience in transferring holidays into dreams. Does that avert us from being objective? We don’t assume so! On the contrary, we believe it permits us to share with travelers some of the grounds why we’re so thriving in our modest role as Bhutan’s number one travel facilitators. Below mentioned are a few things you must need to take into account while choosing a Bhutan tour operator:

Bhutan Tour Packages

  • Sign agreement with a tour operator in Bhutan that’s licensed by the Govt of Bhutan. Not all Bhutan tour operators are licensed, so you must check their credentials before any deal.
  • If your approaching Bhutan tour includes hotel stays, ask your tour operator to state which hotels you’ll be staying and check them over the internet. If you’ve a specific hotel preference, possibilities are that it’ll be accommodated.
  • Request for a telephone number and get busy in a fruitful chat with the Bhutan travel operator you’ve chosen before you sign the deal. Bhutan is no longer a nation that lives in the past. It’s both traditional & modern at the same time in its own original way and there’re abundant cellphones in Bhutan to aid you get in touch with your new found friends.
  • The cost of your Bhutan package is determined by the Government and not by the travel company you will eventually select. However, ask the company in clear terms to give you a detailed run down of how they plan to serve you.
  • Ask for references! A professional Bhutan tour operator will happily provide you with references of your fellow countrymen who’ve toured the nation in months gone by.
  • Set off the procedure of checking out the Bhutan tour firm with sufficient time in your hand. International holidays demand a liberal dose of on-time pre-planning. Nevertheless, they’re well worth the effort.

So, there you’ve it! Make use of these parameters & bench marks to select your Next Bhutan tour operator. You can also do these checks while choosing our service at Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition. So, best of luck!

Trek to Nepal Lets Travelers to Get Lots of Fun

If you want to trek to Nepal, may it be by yourself or with the help of guide tours you have to consider some of the things enlisted below:

Do contingency planning:

Trekking in Nepal can be difficult sometimes and you may have to face some problems as the weather doesn’t remain same throughout the day and the chances of cancellation of flights are also very high and one cannot afford to miss their international flights at any cost so for that purpose take 2 or 3 days gap between everything and leave some space for any unwanted thing to occur.

Local guides:

As trekking in Nepal is famous so the government of Nepal has already taken measures for safe trekking and the routes are mostly marked and there are other trekkers on the trail as well so there is no need to hire any porter for yourself which will cost you extra. Local guides are only needed when you are traveling totally on a different trail otherwise, even Everest trekking is also marked.

Trekking in nepal


If you are trekking with your friends or in a large group and planning to camp above 10000 feet and you have a lot of stuff to carry with you then you can always take help of these animals. On one side these animals can help you but on the other hand, they may harm you as they have huge horns so whenever you see them coming your way just give them their way and let them pass by.

Drinking water:

Most of the villages in Nepal have clean water stations where you can buy water for $0.50. It is a blessing that you can find water over there otherwise without enough water one can’t trek those huge steep mountains.

Acute Mountain sickness:

It is a sickness which occurs when a person reaches a very high altitude and for this kind of sickness no one can train or prepare himself for that reason you need to take precautions like move fast, stay warm, eat a healthy diet and don’t eat too much before trekking.

Personal hygiene:

This is one of the most important things while trekking as even laundry service will be expensive and even the showers are unreliable. The best way to stay clean is by taking sponge baths in river and streams. These are some simple tips you need to follow to enjoy trekking.

Everest successfully climbed after 2 years

 Everest successfully climbed after 2 years

Everest successfully climbed after 2 years

British climber Kenton Cool, Robert Lucas, Sherpas Dorchi Gyalzen and Pemba Bhote , became the first four members to have scaled Mt Everest in two years. Similarly Mexican climber David Liano Gonzalez, along with his guide Pasang Rita Sherpa, also made it to the top of Mt Everest this season.

This is the first time Everest has been climbed in two years since no climber had reached the top of the world in 2014 and 2015 owing to different avalanches including the one triggered by the magnitude-7.6 earthquake on April 25 last year.

Kenton Cool also made a record of being the first Briton to climb the Everest 12 times.

Earlier nine Sherpas reached the summit to fix ropes on Mt Everest top, opening the climbing route for others to make a final attempt to scale the mountain. Gyalzen Dorje, Ang Pemba, Nima Tshering, Sera Gyalzen, Pasang Tenzing, Mingma, Mingma Tsiri, Ang Gyalzen and Lhakpa Tsering had successfully fixed the climbing ropes from the South Col to the summit after the hard work of two day

According to Department of Tourism, around 34 teams with 289 mountaineers from 38 countries have obtained climbing permits this season for Mt Everest.

The successful climbing of Everest has rejuvenated and encouraged the Nepali tourism industry. It will certainly help to promote Nepal and send out a positive message that Nepal is back in tourism business again after the devastating earthquake and Indian economic blockade last year.

Construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport begins!!

The construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport in Pokhara, one of the popular tourist’s hubs in Nepal, has begun. A foundation stone for the airport was officially laid by Prime Minister K.P. (Khadga Prasad) Oli  at Chhinedanda of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City on 13 April, 2016.

If built, Pokhara Regional International Airport will be the second international airport in Nepal after Tribhuvan International Airport located in the capital city of Kathmandu.

China has extended it full support to build the airport which will is expected to finish within the next four years as per the master plan. The airport will be spread in a total area of 3735 ropanies of land. The construction of the airport is expected to be a requisite to realize the government’s goal of bringing 2.5 million tourists within the next six years. Pokhara alone is targeting to receive 10 times the present tourist arrival after the completion of the airport project.

After the construction, the airport runaway can be available for both Boeing 757 and Airbus 320.

Former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Deputy Prime Ministers Kamal Thapa and Bijay Kumar Gacchadar and Minister for Tourism Ananda Prasad Pokhrel also laid a stone each during the ceremony.

Prince Harry extends his visit to Nepal!!

Prince Harry extends his visit to Nepal!!

Prince Harry extends his visit to Nepal!!

British Prince Harry who had been on an official visit to Nepal for five days to celebrate bicentennial anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Nepal and Britain, has extended his stay by another 6 days to work on an earthquake relief project in a remote village.The 31-year old Prince Harry is helping the locals in Lapu VDC-3, Gorkha district by involving himself in rebuilding Prabhat Kiran Secondary School, which was entirely damaged by the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015. Ever since Prince has been seen carrying stones and wood in Doko, a traditional bamboo basket.

Harry walked for three hours to reach the school from near the Prithivi Highway where locals and students welcomed him with flower garlands and khada.

A  total of 11 rooms will be constructed for the school in support of Team Rubicon. Members of Prince Harry’s team comprise 17 British nationals, most of whom are former soldiers, and three Nepalis.

Aside from the school Prince Harry is also working at a local small hydropower project at the bank of Budhigandaki that was also damaged by the quake of April 25, 2015.
“The people I have met and the beauty of this country make it very hard to leave,” said Prince Harry, adding, “I really hope that everyone who took an interest in the tour can see Nepal is a country you really have to come and visit”

“You have to come and see world heritage sites like Patan Durbar Square and be inspired by Nepal’s history. You have to come to see beautiful Bardia National Park. The work there is an example of how the conservation battle can be won.”

Prince Harry’s remark is suffice to prove that Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best destinations, if not the best, in the world. The underlying message of Prince Harry’s visit is that Nepal is a safe destination for all world travelers to visit.

PM’s highly successful and historic visit to China!!

PM’s highly successful and historic visit to China!!

PM’s highly successful and historic visit to China!!

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli arrived back in Nepal on 27 March after making a successful, week-long official visit to China. The visit comes on the heels of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The visit of PM Oli has been praised successful and fruitful in terms of promoting friendly relationship with China and taking the bilateral ties between the two nations to a ‘new height’.
PM Oli held official meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li and Vice President Li Yencho and addressed ‘Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2016’ held in Boao, Hainan Province from March 22 to 25.
During Oli’s visit, Nepal and China inked 10 different agreements in the Great Hall of the People covering a wide range of cooperation areas including installing solar grids at 32 thousand houses, Chinese grant and soft loan for developing reservoir-type Budhi Gandaki (12,00MW), Kimathanka-Arun (400 MW) and Sunkoshi Third (585MW) hydropower projects, the loan agreement for construction of the Pokhara Regional Airport, assistance for the construction of at least three petroleum depots in Pachkhal (Kavre), Battar (Nuwakot) and Khairani (Tanahun), the agreement on exploration of gas and petroleum in Nepal, upgradation and expansion of Kodari Highway, Kathmandu-Kerung highway and Hilsa, feasibility study of Kathmandu-Pokhara rail service among others.
One of the historic agreements reached between the two nations was the signing of Transit and Transport Treaty that is poised to facilitate Nepal’s international trade and decrease its heavy reliance upon India for sea trade. This holds of great significance for a landlocked country like Nepal in order to leverage its access to international trade and market.
The PM’s visit of China immediately follows the successful visit of India. Both visits have improved and strengthened Nepal’s relation with India and China. The visits have also been fruitful in the promotion of tourism and increase in the arrival of Chinese and Indian tourists to Nepal in the long term.

Tourism representative joining the PM Delegation to China

Tourism representative joining the PM Delegation to China

Tourism representative joining the PM Delegation to China

Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli is making an official visit to the People’s Republic of China from 20-27 March 2016.

Among the entourage include Deputy PM and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kamal Thapa, and Ministers of Finance, Education, MPs, Chief Secretary and Secretaries.

As part of the team, Mr. Chandra Prasad Rijal, President of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal will also be visiting China. It is a good news that the PM delegation has also included a representative from the tourism sector. This shows that the government has finally offered priority to the tourism sector and its significance in Nepal’s economy.